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Exciting News!

This is an uber late post, but I still think everyone has the right to know:

Nov 2005: Anime Insider

Trigun 2

Getting ready. A new movie is on the way.

What it could be: Anything. The 1998 Trigun TV series did wrap up nice and neat, as wanted man Vash the Stampede joined a fast-shooting preacher and a duo of insurance agents to battle the Gung Ho Guns and their ultra powerful leader Knives. The TV version did cover pretty much all of the ground in the manga (both the two volumes of Trigun and nine of continuing series Trigun Maximum), and Madhouse is keeping mum on whether this movie will redo the original series or be a sequel to it; we’re guessing the latter is more likely.

The Word: Studio Madhouse has reconfirmed to A.I. that the Trigun movie is happening, but it was much too soon to give details on the plot, running time, what they’ll do about fan-favorite Wolfwood (who died in the TV series but lived in the manga) or even the release date. Still, we’re excited.

Odds: 1-in-1!
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